The Ventura Center for Spiritual Living

The Ventura Center for Spiritual Living is a Center of Love where we aspire to Be Love, Share Love, and Serve Love.

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Ventura Center for Spiritual Living – Photo by Loren Alan.

How Is the Ventura Center for Spiritual Living Different?

As the world evolves, many people seek new visions of spiritual enlightenment.  Many feel that “something” exists, but can’t quite embrace the God of more traditional religions.

At our Center, we have a mystical slant on things. We are a non-dual teaching.  We believe that there is one omnipresent reality that embraces everyone and everything.  Some call this reality God, but it goes by many names — awareness, spirit, higher power….  

We are part of an international denomination known as Centers for Spiritual Living.  Our philosophy is based on the writings of Dr. Ernest Holmes, a pioneer in metaphysics.  We blend metaphysics with mysticism as we do our best to honor all spiritual paths.  

Our teachings include meditation, spiritual study, kindness, prayer, service, and more.   We endeavor to allow Love to work through us in all things.  

As a participant in our Spiritual Center, you will learn how to notice and befriend the small self that is often hypnotized by a limited idea of reality.  You will learn how to replace destructive thinking with kind and constructive thinking.  You will endeavor to employ the “mind of the heart,” to cultivate compassion and a sense of boundless grace.   You will be invited to do serious spiritual work in a spirit of joy.   Our community will help you co-create sound relationships, good health, true abundance, and a deep knowing of the presence of Love as the cornerstone of your life.

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